How does personal bankruptcy affect my credit?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Mortgage Consultant Markita Aldridge discusses how personal bankruptcy affects your credit.

    Host: How does personal bankruptcy affect my credit?

    Markita Aldridge: Well, personal bankruptcy is another way that you can actually deal with that. However the consequences are long stand, when you do follow bankruptcy. Typically they will store your credit 14 years. In some case we do recommend that you so follow bankruptcy and that is not very popular to say but there are some cases where a first start is actually needed. A chapter 7 is where you going and you wipe out all of your personal debt and you do have a new start. Typically if lenders another companies, you are not going to able to give back so, the game of finance. For couple of years, you could some things to try to reestablish credits right away, but you will be basically out of the credit game at a high level before at least a couple of years and that bankruptcy will always report on your credit, at least for the next ten years.