How far in advance should I prepare for the SAT?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Laura Rheinauer, Associate Director of Educational Connections, recommends preparing at least 3-4 months in advance of the test.

    Host: How far in advance should I prepare for the SAT?

    Laura Rheinauer: Well, I think like even first graders are starting to prepare for the SAT because it seems so important. I don't recommend that, but I even don't recommend waiting until the very last minute too. You want to give yourself a good window of prep time, usually, three to four months at least. You can start in earnest I would say in your Junior Year start to prepare for the spring SAT date. It's also really good if you could do some prep in the summer between your junior and the senior year and then even a little more prep in the fall of your senior year. That's really where you are going to see a good score increase. There are a lot of students out there that do prepare for the PSAT. This is a great idea. It gives you some information about the PSAT and remember that the PSAT does translate into the SAT pretty well. So a good familiarization with that test can you help you then in the SAT.