How Having a Roommate Can Lower the Cost of Senior Living Care

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Mark Francis of Emeritus Senior Living provides a simple overview of financial solutions for people exploring a move to senior living. The video covers some of the newer, more innovative or often overlooked financial options available, such as roommate living. Mark will explain how this option and strategy can help you or a loved one afford a senior living arrangement without straining your resources.

    Mark Francis: Hello! My name is Mark Francis from Emeritus Senior Living. Today I'd like to discuss the financial and social benefits of friendship living. Friendship Living also known as Companion Living is where two senior share an apartment. Now aside from the significant cost savings of having a roommate, the ideal shared living arrangement can provide a comfortable, nurturing, and supportive environment for seniors who are well matched. For the right individual companion suites can offer many social, physical, and psychological benefits, while also making senior living more affordable. Studies have shown that well matched residents who live in a quality shared living arrangement experience a better quality of life on many levels. Some of the benefits include a decrease in feelings of depression and loneliness, a notable improvement in health, spirit, and energy and in some cases greater longevity. An improved ability to bond with others and increased sense of security, a decrease in feelings of anxiety or agitation, an improved sense of well-being and value, and an increase capacity to care for others. According to researchers seniors in a memory care program also receive additional benefits from having a roommate. Several studies show that having consistent contact with close friends offers comfort against the damaging effects of Alzheimer's and Dementia. The families of these residents may also benefit from a shared living arrangement, because it means a friend for their loved ones, and an extra level of support and watchfulness.