How many courses should my meal have?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Wedding planner Kay Williams gives advice on planning your reception meal.

    Host: How many courses should my meal have?

    Kay Williams: When you are doing a reception for I would say, a hundred of the guests or more, you should have at least two courses. That is if the wedding reception is going to be a long way of reception. For example, if you are going to go from afternoon till 2 o'clock in the morning, maybe you will have dinner, the main course - salmon, chicken, baked chicken, potatoes, all your vegetables and your starches that before the main course. They are just going late in the evening and its overnight reception. You are dancing; everyone is going to have fun. Have something like a small salad afterwards, maybe a nice casserole, a nice pasta dish that is going to hold them over. Let that be acceptable to them. We are doing buffet. Let it be as part of buffet. Let it keep on rolling. Let the caterer know that I want this food to keep on going. I want this food to leave the main course. I want this food to stay. I want you to continue bringing this thing. Also, fruit, fruit is a good thing. If you are going to have two courses which you may have to have because you are going overnight, add fruit. Fruit can be a second choice. It could be a fruit salad. Little crackers, caviar, that's how you can do you can put all in one. You have to have a main two courses. You can have one main course and then one course that's not as large as the first course. You need to know there is enough food. It's always embarrassing when the food runs out and your guests are still there, the party is still going on. So you need to know the caterer, and know what they will offer you. Is it a package deal? Do I get to pick with two? Can I have one and pay for a small course, a small course, not big as the first one. Know your caterer; know what they offer; can they food hold? Do they have truck as the freezer back up? Do the place you have reception, do they have a refrigerator, do they have a cooler. That all takes play on what you eat throughout the afternoon or evening of your reception.