How many updates should I send in?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Admissions expert David Petersam discusses how many updates you should send them.

    Host: How many updates should I send them?

    David Petersam: This is going to vary from school to school. You want to look carefully for guidelines. Some schools do not want to hear from you if you are on the waitlist. Trust us. We talk to people from these admissions committees every year. If they say, "Do not send additional material," don't do it. All you are doing is giving them an easy reason to eliminate you from the consideration. If you do send updates to the school that's willing to accept them, keep it to somewhere at the minimum. Try to wait till you have something adequate to tell them. Don't just contact them for the sake of it. Bear in mind that their focus is on the people that they have made offers to right now. You are on the waitlist, they are not as concerned about you, so you want to keep a lower profile and not continually "Harass" them with a lot of updates that many of which are just -- they are going to consider unnecessary.