How Men Should Dress for an Event

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fashion experts David Boris and Brian Joyner discuss special event dress for men. It will show how men should dress for various life events, including job interview, wedding, club hopping–even a funeral.

    David Boris: I am David Boris.

    Brian Joyner: I am Brian Joyner.

    David Boris: We are from the guys guide to getting a life. We are at one of our favorite stores in Washington DC today called Daddy & Son. We are talking to guys about what you should wear for specific events, what to wear when. For the events that we are going to cover, we are talking about what to wear for a wedding that is not yours, what to wear on job interview, what to wear when you are going to the club, what to wear for a funeral and formal wear.

    Brian and I started a couple of years ago and on the site, we pull together many of our collective experiences from our own successes and oh, so many failures that we had trying to be better guys out in the world. We talk on the site about cooking, drinking, etiquette, grooming, life at work, dating and of course, clothing. We have been featured on a number of national television, radio shows as well as newspapers and magazines. However, we are regular guys just like you. So we are giving you tips on what to wear when, we are thinking about the types of tips that we learn, that we picked up years ago that are working for us today.

    Brian Joyner: And that our bosses don't know that we have been doing this.

    David Boris: Correct, you are right. One final point, a lot of guys tend to make mistakes on what to wear for certain occasions. We are going to teach you how to hit this one out of the pot. We don't believe in swinging and missing, so no Strike-outs allowed guys.