How much alcohol do I need for my guests?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Wedding planner Kay Williams gives advice on how much alcohol you should purchase for your reception.

    Host: How much alcohol do I need for my guests?

    Kay Williams: Depending on your guests; if you have 150 guests times it by two. Always give each guest -- just assume they are going to take two drinks. Now if you have a bar they are usually going to have two drinks. If you make their drink strong enough at the beginning they are only going to have two drinks and you can make a limit. You can say to your guests on the program or announce all the things that are going to happen at your reception, like the first day, and things like that, you can tell them that the alcohol is limited is two, nothing wrong with that. The alcohol limit is three because you don't want people drinking and driving. You don't want that.

    So you need to make people aware of what you want them to do. Some people will drink five drinks in a row. No, cut a limit. Say it. Print it. Express it, there is a limit but usually, you got to have two drinks per person. So whatever guest amount you have times that by two. If you are having a server, the server controls. If you have him serving the table, each table, not a bar, the server can control that by setting the glasses there. If you are having wine and champagne, you know what alcohol you are probably using then you could have the champagne glasses there and if you are going to have wine as well, you could have the wine glasses which are two different things. Champagne glasses and wine glasses are two different things. If you are going to have water there the server is going to be actually doing this. Usually, use the champagnes where you are doing a toast. The wines when you eat the entree. So you have the flexibility to come to that. The water is ongoing. Make sure that water is ongoing. People tend to get thirsty when they talk a lot. So you need to keep that water ongoing. That way, it will save you from serving extra wine. No, so that's where it's important. You need to know your amount of guests and times it by two.