How much dance space will I need?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Wedding planner Kay Williams discusses the space needed for a dance floor.

    Host: How much dance space will I need?

    Kay William: If you are going to take interest in your guests, you know, dancing and you want a large bay and you know you want to get down and you know and dance all night till midnight you need to know the guest amount. Keep on your guest amount because that is going you to allow you to hire the right place, the right reception hall so your guests can dance.

    For example, the best thing for dance is actually using a hotel, they have a ballroom. Ballrooms are always wonderful for dancing, so they are movable, you can move them around to make for more space. They have it well-packed down there which is going to -- you know, the place is actually going to actually allow you to have space. It can be built.

    So if you have a reception hall like outside or you have one that doesn't have any space, you have to tables around too much and it is not set up for dancing at all don't hire that, don't use that thing. Use somewhere likes a ballroom. That is going to allow you to have space. Know your guest amount.

    For example, if you have one 150 guests add 50 more guests, book for 200 instead of 150, that way you know for sure everyone is going to have a nice time, especially if they have a live dance. People would want to dance. So hire, get reception halls that are ballrooms.