How much table space will I need?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Wedding planner Kay Williams gives some tips on how many table spaces to plan for.

    Host: How much table space will I need?

    Kay William: When you are looking for a reception hall the key thing is, again, your guest amount. You will look for reception hall based on how many guests are supposed to come to your wedding, okay, you have control over that.

    If you want the guests to our wedding or reception then that is what you are going to have, but always add a few more people on your list that is one. So when you go to hire the reception or venue you need to say, "I have 200 guests, how many tables can you give us?

    "Usually, the tables will seat between eight and ten people. So count that. you say you have 200 guests, you divide it by 10, there you are, and that is something you are going to need. So that's how you do that and make sure that you don't have a table of eight and you put ten around there; don't do that. If you have a table of eight then you say, "I have 200 guests of eight tables," you need to divide that by that and you will get your number of table. Always add two table, not table for the caterer, don't do that, he has an all separate room.

    To high table for the wedding party, that's separate, you need to only focus on your guest tables. Most times they are round. In fact I prefer round because that allows you to have a conversation when you have your party and your reception. So you need to know the guest amount and this is how you choose your tables for your reception, by the guest amount.