How much will it cost to adopt and own a cat?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Bridget Speiser of the Washington Humane Society discusses how much will it cost to adopt and own a cat.

    Host: How much will it cost to adopt and own a cat?

    Bridget Speiser: Certainly, when we start at the beginning, when we are looking at adoption, different organizations have different fees and that fees certainly reflect different procedures of medical care that the animal may have received. So, keep in mind, that even if you are looking to adopt from a shelter, there maybe an upfront adoption fee. That fee should cover things like the food and care that they received in there at the shelter. It's not an arbitrary figure.

    Once you have got the cat in your home, you are going to want to of course consider that you are going to have to have regular food available, you are going to want to immediately be establishing relationship with a veterinarian, Most veterinarians will be are requesting that a cat be seen twice a year. Their health changes pretty rapidly, so every six months is pretty standard to expect to have a regular health check with your veterinarian and of course you do want a factor in the idea that there maybe a health emergency they comes up.

    So, when you are looking to plan about adopting a cat. You do need to consider that there maybe issues that arise, that will be perhaps financially daunting and are you prepared to help the cover these costs.