How Reiki Works

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Reiki master Stephanie Kraft, demonstrates how to do reiki including a discussion on how reiki works.

    Stephanie Kraft: Hi! I am Stephanie Kraft and I am a Reiki Master Teacher. Today I am showing you how to do Reiki. Right now I am showing you how Reiki works you can do Reiki on yourself, others, your animals, or even inanimate objects. So for example, if you wanted to add more life force energy into your food or your water you could Reiki that, you could also Reiki your car or your computer. When you are doing Reiki on some one in person you just place your hands very lightly on them like this or you can hold your hand slightly above them, a few inches above them like this, the energy still goes to them whether you are touching them or not. If you are doing Reiki from a distance you can just imagine that the person is small and inside your hands like this and send them energy that way or you can visualize that you are there with them doing Reiki on them, because everything is energy. You can just send that energy where you want it to go.

    Reiki has its own intelligence. So for example, if I am doing Reiki on the head but more energy is needed at the foot it will go there. The Reiki energy changes temperature depending on what is needed by the recipient. So if there is an injury that requires cold, Reiki energy will turn cold at that location. As soon as I move my hands to another location the Reiki energy hot again if that is what is needed. Reiki heals on all levels physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. So it goes to the origin of the issue. It may take several sessions for you to see an improvement of your condition because it is healing at the origin of the issue, whether it is the soul, mental, emotional level its shows up in the physical level as the last place. There are other conditions that Reiki can help with immediately things like accidents or other environmental causes. So that is how Reiki works, next I am going to explain what a Reiki session is like.