How should I handle questions I don’t want to be asked?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Career counselor Karen Chopra discusses the importance of preparing for interview questions you’d rather not answer.

    How should I handle questions I don't want to be asked?

    Karen Chopra: There are always questions that we don't want to be asked in an interview and somehow interviewers always know what those questions are. And so the chances are quite good that they are actually going to get asked in the interview.

    So don't avoid them, sit down ahead of the interview, list for yourself the questions that you are most worried about being asked. Questions like, what you have been doing for the last six months or why did you leave your last job or can we talk to your last supervisor? Those can sometimes be difficult questions. Sit down, list them, and they come up with the very factual short answer that is the truth, we don't want any lies in an interview. But it doesn't need to be the whole truth.

    So if your boss and you had lots of knock-down and drag-out fights at work, you can just say, my boss and I did not have the best set, I really admired and respected that my boss was meticulous and devoted to detail, and I learned a tremendous amount from him, but overall I wouldn't say that he was my best supervisor or that he would like me as one of his best workers.

    It's truthful but it's very low-key and it presents you as being honest and in control of the situation, and that's the way you want to handle any difficult question that comes up in an interview.

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