How should I plan speeches at my wedding?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Wedding planner Christina Taylor discusses how to prepare for your big day, including how to plan speeches at your wedding.

    Host: How should I plan speeches at my wedding?

    Christina Taylor: Getting speeches at weddings is important. It's like a keepsake. If you are having a wedding video taped, something that's going to be a lifetime -- it is going to be engraved for life on the video tape that the bride and groom will watch over and over again and so speeches usually are -- there are a lot of reference material for speeches and ways to prepare and that you can find that information anywhere library, book stores, internet. So the nice thing is that it gives you a reference of the way the speech should flow and then you can add in your own personal vignettes into the speech. So I think the best way is to obviously speak from the heart, so you don't have to put too much of it together before hand but knowing what talking point you want to cover in the speech is important. A lot of times people ask me also if the bride and groom should speak at the wedding and that's really also a personal preference. A lot of times the groom will say something at the wedding, the bride normally doesn't need to speak at the wedding and it's not something that I recommend either. If they want to together thank their guests for coming that's something that they can do together but normally the groom will do the closing out speech once his Best Man and the Maid of Honor etcetera have spoken.