How Smart Can Your Home Be?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Laura Hubbard from the Consumer Electronics Association describes how easy it is to control, connect, and simplify our smart homes.

    Laura Hubbard: We live busy connected lives. It only makes sense that our houses be as connected as we are. Today's smart homes make it easier for us to control, connect and simplify our homes. Imagine you're at work and you receive a text alert form your smart phone that there is a water leak in the basement. You can act before the damage is done, or you're watching TV and you get a message from your smart lock that your teenager has quietly slept in. From your bedside tablet, you can shut off the lights and the TV.

    A smart home connects all the electronics devices and automation systems in your home to create one controllable network, that contrives you with greater convince, security, entertainment and energy savings.

    Music, video, lightning, shades, security systems, smart appliances, thermostats and HVAC can all be integrated into a smart home. It also enables you to access monitor and control the network systems in the palm of your hand via personal computer, tablet or smartphone. Sound complicated, it's actually more simple, affordable and accessible than you think. When planned and interrelated properly, a smart home is intuitive and easy enough for any family member or guest to control and while integrating everything from a media room to outdoor entertainment, maybe enticing, a whole home automation project may not be in the budget; in this case, start small.

    Home technology can be scaled to fit any budget and home size. Start with the rooms you use most, like the media room or an integrated lighting and security system that provides peace of mind. Whether you're in the market for a whole house technology integration or one room entertainment projects, a Custom System Integrator can help guide you to a smart home solution that fits your family's digital needs and lifestyle.