How the Monopoly Game Works

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Game expert Matt Young demonstrates how the game of Monopoly works.

    Matt Young: Hi, I am Matt Young, and this is how to play Monopoly. Now I will be talking to you about the perfect conditions for an enjoyable game in monopoly, as well as the necessary pieces and the ultimate rules of the game monopoly. Monopoly is a pretty game to bring people together. It's great for rainy or snowy evenings with the family or if the electricity goes out, you can even play that by candle light. It's a very good game to bring people together. Firstly, you'll need a game board, two standard dice, the community chest cards. Which is lovely, orangery tendering color, the chance cards, which shows like this. The monopoly money, is one's, five's, ten's, twenties' fifties, one hundreds, and five hundred dollar bills. You have your property cards, which are color coded and have the specific names of the properties. These also include the utility cards and the railroad cards. We will talk about that later. You have your game tokens, each person gets a unique role charactered to travel around the board as. You'll have your green houses, your red hotels. Those are all the pieces you need to play monopoly. The basic goal of the game is to get as much money as possible, and to make the other players go bankrupt. No, and you do that by owning as many properties as possible, and putting as many houses or hotels on these properties as possible. So that was the basic conditions and pieces needed to play monopoly, and now I will be talking about the basic rules and preparations for playing the game.