How to Add Pages to Your Passport

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Rich Mandleur explains how add pages to your passport.

    Rich Mandleur: Hi, My name is Rich Mandleur and today we're talking about how to obtain a passport. Right now, we're going to discuss how to add pages to an existing passport. Passport pages are the pages in your passport marked at the top, Visa pages. These pages are used to obtain foreign entry visas, to travel for example, to Russia or China or for immigration or embarkation steps when coming or going from a country. The pages in the back of your passport are used specifically for amendments, they are not to be used as Visa pages.

    Often times when travelling internationally frequently, the pages of your passport becomes bold with stamps. When this happens you may choose to add additional Visa pages to your passport so that you can continue to travel. For those who need to add additional pages to their passports, there are two processing options. They may choose to simply complete the passport application and mail it along with your passport to the National Passport Processing Centre for processing or you may choose to expedite the application. If you choose to expedite the application you'll need an addition to the passport application itself, your current passport, a letter of authorization, your travel itinerary and a check made payable to passport services in the amount of $60.