How To Add Spring Decor To The Home

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Home design expert Sherry Tyra demonstrates how to bring the feeling of Spring into your home with a few simple decorations.

    Sherry Tyra: Does your dcor need a fresh new look, capture the feeling of any season by changing just a few key accessories. Incorporating bright spring time colors will quickly transform any space.

    I'll replace this dark brown comfort over the cheery yellow and white substitute that adds a touch airiness and sunshine to the room. Replacing heavy or dark draperies is a very quick and easy way to lighten a space.

    These pretty light weight curtains are a perfect compliment to the new bedding and the leaf motif brings in a touch of the outdoors. For a pop up color I added apple green sheets and brought in some coordinating toss pillows to create a high-end custom look.

    A bright green lamp and fresh shade helps tie everything together. And this fun bed tray is a cheery way to begin any new day. Bright spring flora artwork over the bed completes the look. Add some fresh flowers or a live plant and you've brought the wonder of the season indoors.

    It's easy to create a dramatic change in any room by simply changing out a few items. Bright colors and crisp whites serve to bring in the feeling of freshness. Spring only comes once a year, so look around your own home and discover ways to bring the beauty of the season into your living space.