How to Airbrush-Basic Spray Techniques

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Artist Tony Moore demonstrates how to do the basic spray techniques.

    Tony Moore: Hello, I am Tony Moore with Fraser Street Publications and today we'll be showing you how to use an airbrush. In this segment, we'll be practicing basic spray techniques.

    First, we'll be practicing with a series of dots, controlled dots. Once again, press down on your trigger for air, pull back for paint. Just make a series of dots all the way across. Come back, continue to hold the airflow, pull back for paint. Let's try some horizontal lines as well. Once again, press down for air, pull back for paint. Make them about five inches long, come back to the left to begin again, pull down and pull back. The closer you are to the paper, the thinner the line; the farther away, the wider the line. In our next segment we'll be practicing spray patterns and shading.