How To Apply Bed Bug Pesticides

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Paul Bello with PJB Pest Management Consulting provides tips and techniques for properly applying bed bug pesticides in your home.

    Paul Bello: There are number of effective products available today to use against bed bugs by pest professionals. But even if you have the best products available they are not going to work well if you used improperly. Hi! I am Paul Bello, author of the Bed Bug Combat Manual. And today I am going to talk to you about using pesticides safely and effectively to eliminate bed bugs.

    Whether you are an experienced pest professional, or do-it-yourselfer, its critical that you read, understand, and follow pesticides label directions. It also important that you educate yourself about bed bugs biology, behavior, where bed bugs harbors or hide and the places where your application of residue insecticides should be made in order to achieve optimal results.

    Here are some practical applications tips; read label direction, and observe safety recommendations. Only mix what you need and use what you mix. Use the most effective products available for bed bugs such as Temprid SC, Temprid Ready to Spray and Tempo Dust. Carefully limit your insecticide applications to targeted areas where bed bugs harbors, hide and travel. Use a good flash light to help you see when treating dark and hidden areas. Remember that bed bugs prefer hidden, undisturbed areas which may be difficult to access for treatment.

    Completely disassemble a bed in order to access hidden areas where bed bugs hide in the bed frame, the head board, the foot board, mattress and box spring. Open areas and create access for thorough treatment to the underside of box spring, sofas upholstered chairs and other such furniture items.

    Use the proper sprayer tip for application intended. A flat frame spray for treatment for surfaces, a pen stream or injection tip for crack and crevice treatments.

    And finally, keep your sprayer well maintained and clean after each use. By following these tips you will be able to take care of your bed bugs problem in no time. Good luck.