How to Apply for a Passport – Minors

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Rich Mandleur explains how to apply for a passport for minors.

    Rich Mandleur: Hi, My name is Rich Mandleur and today we're discussing how to apply for a passport. Coming up next, we will discuss how to apply for a passport if you are a minor? There's only one difference in applying for passport for minor as compared to applying for a passport as an adult.

    In case of the minor's application both parents must be present to sign and present their proof of identity to the Acceptance Agent. If one parent cannot be present then, a statement of consent must be signed and notarized by the parent that is not present.

    There are two things to consider when applying for a passport for a minor in terms of cost. The applicant has the choice of applying for passport, that is expedited or passport by regular means which is applied for through the mail. The expedited passport application consist of two fees, the government's base fee of $85 plus the government expedite fee of $60 for a total of $145. If you are applying on your own through mail, the total fee will be $85.

    Coming up next, we'll discuss how to renew your passport.