How to Apply Henna

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Beauty and Fashion Expert Lucky Sohi breaks down how to apply Henna.

    Lucky Sohi: Hello, my name is Lucky and we are here at Pink Karma Saloon. Today I will be showing you henna designs. This is my model Yasmin. In the first segment, I will be showing you how to make henna paste with the henna powder. In the second segment, I will be showing you how to do Indian designs which are blurring designs and more consistent.

    Third one, I will be showing you how to do Arabic designs which are more abstract in different shapes and designs. Fourth, how to remove henna. To complete this project, you will be needing henna powder, water, a plastic bowl, plastic sheet, tape, baby oil, cotton and napkins. Here at Pink Karma Salon, I do threading, henna, facials and waxing. Lets get started with our first segment, how to make the paste and the cone.