How to Assemble a Comic File Drawer Storage Box

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Comic book collector John Cohen from Beyond Comics discusses the basics of comic book collecting including how to assemble a comic file drawer storage box.

    John Cohen: Hi! I am John Cohen from Beyond Comics, Maryland's largest comic bookstore. I am here to show you how to start the comic book collection. When you are using a comic box, one of the more newer inventions is a comic drawer box. It harkens back to the concept of a filing cabinet. But it's little harder to assemble, because it comes in parts. There are three parts, the sleeve, the inner sleeve and the box. I'll assemble those for you. Unlike a regular comic box, it does not have a lid and it does not slide as much. They come for some reason with extra pieces which we use for dividers and I think they designed it that way.

    Fold the comic book box by pressing on the creases always first to hold the shape better. I usually recommend the main four. Boxes are designed with a deeper cut on one side, so when you pull the flap up, one side goes inside the other. The flap comes up and over, and the two tabs go into the holes. Both sides work the same way. Gives you the inner box.

    The sleeve assembles slightly different. Like the regular comic box, it comes as one complete unit. Doing the drawer box, you do the back first with two flaps, an extra flap on the side to hold it. Slides in, slides in, we'll tab there, and leave the top open. Then you take the inner sleeve, there are two sides, one has a crease thats showing. That's the side you want in, fold all the creases. I usually like to keep the open section to the bottom. The bottom is just easy enough to tell because the holes in those need to line up. Slides down into the interior of the box, like so. Then the flaps fold over, big one is first, there is a square fold on the top, you can adjust that as you fold it. Put it right side up, box slides right in, handles line up. You have a better storage system, and able to be built up like a filing cabinet. There is your drawer box.

    In the next segment, I want to show you how to properly stack your boxes.