How to Assemble a New Toilet

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Plumbing expert Willie Washington shows how to put together a new toilet to replace an old one.
    Willie Washington: Hi, my name is Willie Washington. I am with Leedway Plumbing Company here in Madera, California. Today's topic is how to replace the toilet and right now we are going to get into how to assemble the toilet.Right now we have the actual toilet seat it has the bolts in it already. We have got another bolt here I am about to put in here. There are two front slots for the toilet seat, one bolt goes in and another bolt for the bottom of it. So as you get started here from the bottom, you screw them both in from the bottom here to the toilet seat. You take a screwdriver, some will have a flathead screw and some will have the Phillips and this one you here has the Philip. So we have taken the Phillip screwdriver and you are going to hold the bottom of that screw, the nut here and you are going to tighten it. Tighten it until you feel it secured to the bowl area. Then these little caps pop back right in there.So now we have got this toilet seat on. We are going to take the toilet tank here, set -- what I do is I set it on the top of the seat here and you take the toilet seal which comes with the toilet in a package like this and what I do you put that, just place that seal on the back of the toilet right in the middle where the flush flap is here and it should fit there right firmly here.There you go, so now we have got the toilet seal on here. We are going to take the toilet bolts which are also in the pack and you take the two rubber pieces here, place one rubber on the bolt and you do the bolts like that. This one has three slots so if it comes with three bolts you know it has these three slots. So I am going to take another bolt set and you have got the rubber seal on top of this as well. So now what we are going to do, we are going to place the bolts on the inside of the tank.So now we have got the bolts on the inside of the tank in all three hole slots as you could see and that's how it should look. You are going to take your rubber seals here and then you are going to place one rubber seal on each end at the bottom of this. This is what I do. A lot of the times, these packages don't have the extra seal. So and the extra bolts so what you probably want to do is you can keep these off.So now what we are going to do -- so you have these bolts here, so it's ready to -- the tank is ready to go on top of the bowl. So we place the tank on top of the bowl in each slot so now you have the tank on the bowl.You take your nuts and your washers and you place a washer at the bottom and a bolt to carry with it. Now you are going to place a washer and a bolt on each end slot where the bolts are. So now you have it on here, the bolts and the washers are on there you want to take a crescent wrench and you tighten the bolts up until it compresses the seal to the bottom. Once you see that seal is compressed and the tank is secure then you are done.