How to Assemble the Chicken Coop Top Frame

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Farmer Galen Bontrager demonstrates how to assemble the chicken coop top frame.

    Galen Bontrager: Hello! I am Galen Bontrager from Galen Bontrager Farm based out of Wellman, Iowa and we are looking at how to assemble a chicken pen today. We are on about the last step here, we are assembling the front cover frame that we have and we will get this frame put together and have chicken wire on it. We have - I have kind of set it out already, laid out my pieces, so ripped one by six's again and these can be ripped in third, this particular part of the frame. We have a little different length here as this was 46 in our back end out of eight inches, our width wise pieces; I have it a little bit over 49 at least or 50 so that it can rest on the top of this frame and this way I make it little bit longer, is actually 52. So I will just go around with my frame laid out like this; it's kind of set right how I want it and I will fasten this together and just go right around in this way. I do the basic square part of the frame first; next I put in my cross brace piece, one screw is sufficient there for our cross bracing. So now our frame with the front covers assembled and we are ready for our last step to put the chicken wire on the cover.