How To Assess Thinning Hair

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Nioxin stylist Diane Stevens talks about how you can assess your thinning hair.

    Female Speaker: How are you?

    Female Speaker: My hair has been looking terrible. Honestly, I am worried there is something wrong with it and I think it may be thinning. Female Speaker: Okay. Any specific areas of concern that you see?

    Female Speaker: It's not one specific area; it's kind of all over. But, look, when I put it in a pony tail, I mean it just looks really thin.

    Female Speaker: Okay. So let's take a look at your texture, and see what's going on. Have you noticed that your hair has been dry a week because sometimes the wrong product for your texture could be the problem.

    Female Speaker: Yeah. It has been feeling dry. I mean do you think it could be my shampoo and conditioner?

    Female Speaker: It could be. I often recommend products that are designed specifically for thinning hair. Also, let's check your scalp area. Sometimes, if your scalp is too oily or actually too dry, it could be also hair concerns and can lead to thinning hair as well. I always tell you to go to a dermatologist for your scalp because there might be something more going on.

    Female Speaker: So, if my scalp is the cause of my thinning hair, I mean is there anything I can do?

    Female Speaker: Absolutely! We can recommend an in-salon treatment and it's going to give you an amazing refreshed scalp. In addition to that, there is a kit that you can take home to keep that scalp environment healthy and refreshed. Now, some things you can also do; a well-balanced diet is going to be very, very important. You can start eating green leafy vegetables and drinking lots of water, you can protect your hair against the elements. Also going for a walk, some exercise is going to be great. So, let's follow up in 30 days. Let's get you started with some of the shampoos and conditions, and we can see when you come back how your hair is doing.

    Female Speaker: Okay. Sounds great!