How to Attach Trucks to a Skateboard

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Skateboard Expert Keir Johnson demonstrates how to attach trucks to a Skateboard.

    Keir Johnson: Hi guys this is Keir Johnson with Catalyst Skateboards showing you how to put a complete skateboard together. Right now, we are going to put the trucks on, the first thing you want to do here is get your trucks out, I went with these independent 139 mm Independent trucks. I prefer Independent trucks, I also ride, like I said, Thunder or Venture as well. First thing you want to do is pick out a set of hardware, these are shorties, one inch shorties, it's been around for a long time, it s fairly reliable. So go ahead and get your hardware out. You can just tear the package of it, you want to make sure you get eight screws and eight bolts in there. So, as you can see, got those there, so just put those to the side for the moment. First thing you want to do is use a tool to go through the broad holes to pop through the grip tape here, as you can see, I usually use two fingers in between and pop it out in the middle just like that. So you can see you have got the four holes here, you do the same thing on the other end, of course. So as you can see you have got our four holes poked in the grip tape on each end. Next thing I do is I take the bolts and start pushing those through the holes, just like that. So, as you can see we have got our four bolts through there, next step is to take the truck using your back hand, two fingers support the two rows of bolts and simply place the truck, on top of those, it takes a little bit of shimming as you can see. I have now got the truck rested on the bolts there and just take your fingers and apply to top. It's not necessary to take them all the way we are going to use a power drill to get them fully tightened.

    So you have got the truck on there, just in the intermediate phase, but that's basically what we are looking at, I'm going to use a power drill now, here to apply. This is also a skate tool which has a variety of different size, wrench heads for your bolts, your axle and your kingpin. So all you want to do is take the tool in your hand, which I'm going to use in the small end here, put it over the bolt, fix the power drill in here. I just want to do each bolt one by one, alright guys, got the two trucks on. Next step is to put the bearings and wheels on.