How to Attract Birds

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Karolyn Warfel with Woodstream Corporation talks about how to make your yard bird friendly.

    Karolyn Warfel: Hi, I am Karolyn Warfel with Woodstream Corporation, and Perky-Pet Brand of wild bird feeders. Today for this video series, we are going to talk about how to make your yard bird friendly.

    The things that we will cover are how to choose the right seed for your feeder, we'll also talk about choosing the right feeder, is it a tube feeder or a shelled egg? We'll also talk about humming bird feeders and the different styles available to you. How important water is to add to your backyard for the birds and also Birdscaping, how to make it naturally attractive and that they want to come there. We'll also talk about accessories you need, and also cleaning your feeder, and how important it is to the bird's health.

    You don't need much to get started. Here are few tools, the right bird feeder, the right seed to attract the bird you want to bring to your yard, humming bird feeder, bird bath, and also some accessories like a squirrel baffle, and then you'll also need some brushes to clean your feeders with.

    Before we begin let me tell you a little bit about Perky-Pet. Perky-Pet has been feeding wild birds since 1958. We offer the broadest selection of wild bird feeders on the market today. So let's get started.