How To Avoid Test Taking Anxiety With Practice

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Education expert Ann Dolin discusses how practicing for a test can reduce anxiety.

    Ann Dolin: Students today take more tests than any other past generation; state tests, national tests, private school tests and not to mention the SAT and the ACT, when it's time to apply for college.

    Test taking is a crucial skill for kids of all ages and if your student has test taking anxiety, when it's time to perform, you will want to know these strategies. The more tests you take, the less stressful they are and the easier they become. A lot of the anxiety for students comes from not knowing what to expect. For state test, check online for practice problems and for college entrance exams consider online resources from the collegeboard.

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    org. Set aside time each day to do a little bit of practice in the weeks leading up to test.

    For school test with essays, encourage your child to prepare by having strong examples that they can draw up on at test time. Time spent practicing now means a lot less time stressing on the big day.

    And for tough multiple choice questions, tell your child to slash the trash by crossing off wrong choices, student won't feel as overwhelmed. And study show that the more students mark up their test booklets the better their score will be. During test time, if your child has trouble finishing sections, let them know it's smart to skip the tough questions and go back once the easier ones are done. Sharpening your child's test taking skills is worth the work and you will see the payoff in their final scores.