How to Bake a No Fat Lemon Angel Food Cake

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Karen Stiegler demonstrates how to bake a no fat lemon angel food cake.

    Karen Stiegler: Hi! My name is Karen Stiegler, and I am here today to talk to you more about Healthy Baking and show you how to make a fat free Lemon Angel Food Cake. I'll take you through the complete process of making this light and lemony cake. This American classic is great to serve with fresh fruit as a special dessert or serve a slice for an afternoon snack.

    The tools you'll need for this recipe include a 10 inch tube pan, a dry measuring cup set, a liquid measuring cup, a measuring spoon set, a sifter, kitchen paper, several small bowls, a mixer with whisk attachment and bowl, a rubber or plastic spatula, a zester or grater, a metal cake spatula, and a long serrated knife. The ingredients you'll need for this recipe are one-and-a-half cups of granulated sugar, one and one-third cups of cake flour, 10-12 large eggs, one quarter teaspoon salt, one-and-a-half teaspoons cream of tartar, three quarter teaspoon vanilla extract, one lemon, and fresh fruit.

    Remember that safety is always important. Be specially careful when you are working with sharp knives, hot ovens or hot stoves. If you've small children in the kitchen, please make sure they are closely supervised.

    The Angel Food Cake is the lightest and most tender of sponge cakes. This cake is especially great for people who must reduce or avoid fat or cholesterol in their diet but still want to enjoy dessert. Make it beautiful and healthy with fresh ripe berries, citrus fruit and wiener. This cake contains no butter, shortening, egg yolks or fat.

    If you don't have to worry about fat in your diet, I want you to forget that this cake is fat free and just remember that it's delicious and fresh. Diners will also appreciate it as a light and bright dessert to complement a rich or heavy meal. I want to encourage you to make your treats at home versus buying them, and here's why. The difference is ingredients and taste of course. Unhealthy ingredients like hydrogenated fats, tropical oils are used in commercially produced bake goods because they are cheaper and they increase the shelf-life and serve as preservatives.

    When baking at home you can control the ingredients and use the best quality ingredients for the best taste. For more information on healthy baking, have a look at my first healthy baking video on Blueberry Lemon Muffins.

    Before we begin let me tell you a little a bit about myself. I am a culinary educator, recipe tester and recipe developer. And I have a Diplome de Patisserie from Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. I have over 10 years teaching experience, teaching private, hands-on and demonstration courses in the US and overseas. And I am currently teaching at Williams-Sonoma. I specialize in Healthy Baking and l also cater American and French desserts, cakes and candies. I have several published recipes and a degree from Pepperdine University.

    So let's get started now making our fat free Lemon Angel Food Cake.