How to Bake a Stress-Free Pie Like the Pros at Magnolia Bakery

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Don’t let baking stress you out around the holidays! Making a perfect pie for your Thanksgiving table is easy with tips from Magnolia Bakery’s chief baking officer, Bobbie Lloyd. We visited one of Bobbie’s Magnolia kitchens in New York City to find out how to make beautiful apple pies with the greatest of ease.

    Allie Merriam: We are smoothing out all of our pie baking concerns with the help of Magnolia Bakery's Chief Baking Officer Bobbie Lloyd. What's you first tip to making pie baking easier?

    Bobbie Llyod: One thing is make sure all of your ingredients are cold, cold will make fluffier and the crispy layers of that incredible pie that when you bite into it or cut into you hear that crunch. So I have already pre-measured out of 4 cups of flour, a little bit of salt and then a pound of butter that has already been pre cut coat all the little butter pieces so they are coated with flour Allie Merriam: And now you are adding cold water.

    Bobbie Llyod: So we are going to add about 10-12 maybe 14 tablespoons, so now we know that this big blob of dough will make four crusts and then you take these, wrap them in plastic wrap, let him sit for at minimum one hour. Allie Merriam: So now we have our refrigerated dough, time to roll.

    Bobbie Llyod: I let my rolling pin do the first part is that I give it a few good whacks.

    Allie Merriam: Genius!

    Bobbie Llyod: You always want to start near the center and roll your pin out, center out, center out, center out. The easy way to put your pie's dough into the pan is you fold it in half and then you fold it in half again and your point is going to go in your center.

    Allie Merriam: Right in the center.

    Bobbie Llyod: I think it's the selection of apples really makes a big difference not to soft of an apple, but something with a nice crispness to it and tartness.

    Allie Merriam: They smell amazing. What do we mix for the pie?

    Bobbie Llyod: We are going to add a little bit of white sugar, brown sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon and corn starch. I mentioned earlier that I love making sure that I have a lot of apples. Once you roll out your top crust then layer evenly over the top. You want to get rid of any excess dough, just press it in, I cut steam holes, couple of tablespoons of cinnamon, sugar and viola! Allie Merriam: Looks beautiful! How long we will bake this for?

    Bobbie Llyod: This goes into a 425 oven and you wanted about 40 minutes, you wanted to cool for at least four hours though.

    Allie Merriam: Thank you for walking me through how to make a pie with no stress and I Bobbie Llyod: And I want to see pictures of your holiday pies.

    Allie Merriam: I will forward, thank you so much!