How To Be A Professional In Your Everyday Life

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Kristen Reed from discusses how to be a professional in your everyday life.

    Kristen Reed: There is a ton of advice on how to dress for success in a job interview. And we all know what and what not to wear on the job site. But if the old adage of dressing for the job we want and not the job we have rings true, we should all be working on our professional image 247.

    It all starts with one long look in the mirror. Ask yourself, who do I want to be? The answer to this question will not only determine your own personal mood, but also the attitudes and views of others you come into contact with.

    For some the answer will be crystal clear, but others might need to figure it out as they go. What's important is that you make every effort everyday to be the best you can be.

    It starts with beginning your days with a positive attitude. Studies suggest that those who count their blessings are generally happier people. So kick start your day by being thankful for all that's good in your life.

    The more conventional tip for adding polish to your inner professional is to dress yourself well. Whether you are outrunning errands or heading into the workplace, how you look can make an impression on those around you, and you never know if a future employer is watching. Bonus tip, looking good will add points to your feel good scale.

    Finally, watch what you say and do on your social pages. You may come off as one adept individual in the real world, but a few bad tweets can wreak havoc on your professional image.

    Keep in mind that you are a work in-progress, almost anything you do can be reversed. As long as you are true to yourself and others, being a poised professional will be a breeze.