How to Be an Olympic BMX Biker

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    BMX expert C J Bunch discusses how to be an Olympic BMX rider.

    C J Bunch: Hi, I am C J Bunch, this is how to ride BMX and right now I am going to teach you how to become ranked nationally, state and regionally. Well, first of all we will start with state. State in the State of California we have to run six races along with the state championship, other places in the nation are different stories you can run a certain amount of races and the championship and be qualified for a statewide series at the end of the season.

    For regionals you have to run a certain amount of races in your region to be qualified for the regional championship. Race to regional championship and you will get your number ranked on how many points you have and where you finish in the championship.

    National rankings you must run six nationals along with one regional to be qualified for the Grand's in Louisville, Kentucky most of the time, at least for the past four years when I have been there. For the past four years Louisville, Kentucky, good to go, six races before, you get your national number, depending on where is that, ranks you on where you are in you class.

    There are three different class you can run before you go pro, there is rookie, novice, expert then you get into your Pro ranks of A or what's called SuperX and Elite Men which is also known as AA Pro. You are also ranked on your age like for instance 10 Rookie, 10 Novice or 10 Expert, somewhere in there. Sponsorship you need to prepare yourself well, you need to have a good looking bike good looking jersey, good looking - you need to match first of all and you need to be very presentable on the race track and very sportsman like, good race, good job, hey, good win, nice, race whatever you can say to make the other competitors feel good will impress your sponsors.

    Steps to become at a professional level is you need to move your way through the ranks, rookie, novice, expert. After you start winning the expert races and you are over the age of 17 you can go what's called Pro. Pro is a whole another world, you race for -- people anywhere from age of 13 to 17 anywhere in there, is fare game. Pro is high rank and very-very competitive, like you will be seeing on the Olympics.

    Some of the things you can do to make yourself progress to the level are things like sprint where you go from a dead stop and just pedal as hard as you can until what you call spun out and you can't go any faster. Another to way to get in there is to do squats at the gym, squats - you want to basically work your entire body and get yourself in physical condition to where you can ride that track full board and not be tired by the end.

    Thanks for hanging out with me for the day. I hope this makes you a better BMXer and a better rider, I am going to go ride my bike.