How to be Safe During the Holidays

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Patsieann Misiti from the Alexandria Fire Department discusses valuable tips on staying safe this holiday season.

    Patsieann Misiti

    Patsieann Misiti is the Outreach Specialist for the City of Alexandria Fire Department in Alexandria, Virginia. Her specialty is developing, promoting and implementing Fire & Life Safety Education programs which support the department’s mission of preventing loss of life and property. Patsieann is a member of the National Fire & Life Safety Educators, Virginia Fire & Life Safety Coalition and chairperson of the Alexandria Be Safe Coalition.

    Hi, my name is Patsieann Misiti. I am with the Alexandria Fire Department in Alexandria, Virginia. Today, we are here to talk about holiday safety and preparedness. This is a season for decorating our homes for the holidays. The topics we will be covering are Christmas trees, holiday lights, tree ornaments, candles and other decorations.

    Research shows that each year more than 400 residential fires involve Christmas trees. Tragically, nearly 40 deaths and a 100 injuries result from those fires. We are also going to incorporate simple steps to prepare yourself and your family for when an emergency.

    Every family should be ready to deal with dangers that we represent. As a fire and life safety educator, I am committed to spreading the message of prevention. I proudly represent more than 300 members of the Alexandria Fire Department who are dedicated to serving those who live, visit and work in the city of Alexandria.

    So, happy holidays to you and remember, be fire safe not a fire statistic.