How to Become an Olympic Equestrian Jumping Athlete

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Equestrian expert Pie Lafferty demonstrates how to become an Olympic Equestrian Jumping Athlete.

    Pie Lafferty: Hi! I am Pie Lafferty and thank you for joining us for this segment of show jumping demonstration. We would like to talk about how you make the pinnacle of the sport. I believe the very first thing you have to do is to be totally dedicated, totally dedicated to this sport. So, it's hard, hard work and you need to practice, practice, practice, find the best trainers you can find and the best horses. Then, definitely your partner is a big part of the sport. Hope for instance, in the Olympics for the stadium jumping, we only send four horses four people, one alternate. So, that is a very select view to make that big essences. The world cup is an indoor competition and the Olympics is an outdoor competition. It does take, a great deal of money, so you may need sponsorships. You have to think about that. You'll need your parents to back you. You'll need anyone; all types of backing; good grooms, good horse shows, good --