How to Begin a Driving Test

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Driving examiner Steve Williams demonstrates how to adjust vehicle settings for optimum comfort, control, and efficiency.

    Steve Williams: You are learning how to pass a driving skills test with me. I am Steve Williams from the National Driver Training Institute. In this segment I want to show you what you need to do at the beginning of the driving test to include adjusting your seat, your mirrors and your seat belt as well as backing out of a parking space . Sherie let's get in the car. First thing you need to adjust is your seat position. Seat position can be adjusted with a liver on the front of the seat or on the side. You want to move your seat back enough that you can comfortably reach the pedals. Go ahead and adjust your seat position. Next we want to adjust the seat back. You need to be far enough back from the steering wheel that you won't get hit by an air bag, should you get into a collision that causes the air bag to deploy. Reach down to the corner of the seat, you will find a liver that allows you to move that seat back, forward or back. The target is to be able to have your wrist rests comfortably on top of the steering wheel from your seating position without having to extend your arm or pull it back. Let's go ahead and put your seat belt on.

    Most modern vehicles today come with the seat belt adjustment so that seat belt doesn't have to rub up against your neck. Go ahead and put your key in and let's turn the vehicle on to accessories. Now we are going to adjust your mirrors. Your inside view of your mirror is adjusted by hand. You can just maneuver that with your hands to make sure you capture as much of the back window as possible. Go ahead and adjust that inside view of your mirror. For your outside view of your mirrors, this car has a electric controls. Use those controls to set the mirrors in what we call BGE or Blindspot Glare Elimination settings. You want the mirror to be in level with the ground. So you are not looking down at the street or up in the sky and then you want to adjust the side to side position of the mirror so that you can barely see the back of the vehicle if you tilt over about an inch. Go ahead and adjust your mirror Sherie. Once you have made your adjustments the test administrator will read the test instructions to you and then have you back out of the parking spot. Be sure to put your right hand behind the head rest of the passenger seat and look over your shoulder as you back out. Let's back out of this parking spot Sherie. In our next segment we will look at perhaps the most frequently used maneuvers on the driving skills test, turning maneuvers.