How to Bollywood Dance

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dance experts demonstrate how to bollywood dance.

    Dhoonya Dance

    Dhoonya Dance School and Performance Company is the Washington DC metro area's premiere center for Bollywood-inspired modern South Asian dance. Dhoonya Dance offers classes to males and females of all ages and experience levels, performances, as well as unique and personalized choreography.

    Hi! Welcome to how to Bollywood dance.  We wanted to teach a little bit about what Bollywood is, and how to do some of the most basic dance steps.

    Just to give you a little bit of background, Bollywood is the Hindi Film Industry, located in Mumbai, India and it is the largest movie industry in the world. Now, most of these films have song and dance that has become really popular throughout the world. It started out in Europe and now, it's becoming really trendy and popular, and fun for all even in America. So, we just wanted to give a little bit of flavor and a preview to some of our classes, and show you what some of these basic dance steps are so that you can try Bollywood dance out at home.