How To Boost Body Image Happiness

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness expert John Basedow shares his tips for becoming happier with your body.

    John Basdow: Even the fittest celebrities wish they could change something about their appearance. But being healthy is more about being happy with your body then chasing unrealistic expectations of perfection. You can find happiness with your body no matter how fit you are with just a little change of perspective.

    Fitness is not a competition to see how miserable you can make yourself. Don't compare your workout with another person to see how you are progressing. Instead compete with yourself. Take a picture of yourself in the mirror everyday and watch your transformation instead of trying to get someone else's body.

    Aiming for perfection is the surest way to fail. No two people will ever react the same way to the same diet and exercise plan. Commit to be the best you that you can be. And find what works for you; make small attainable goals like adding 90 minutes of fitness to your week or giving a box, bagged and package foods. To gauge the success of your fitness program pay more attention to how you feel than how much you weigh. Start off the day with morning cardio to get those feel good endorphins flowing.

    Finally don't be a slave to the scale. The best guide for what you shape you are in is how your clothes fit, how you feel and how you look in the mirror.

    Believe me everybody has issues with their bodies. So don't waste time with envy. If you are happy and healthy you already ahead of most of the population. By making your fitness journey about how you feel and less about how you look, you can train your brain to be happy at any size.