How to Bottle Homemade Beer

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    HopTech Homebrew Supplies owner Dan Franklin shows how to transfer your home-brewed beer to sanitized bottles.

    Dan Franklin: Hi! This is Dan Franklin from Hop Tech Home Brewing Company in Dublin, California.

    Here, today to show you how to brew your own beer at home. And what we've done so far, we've cooked our beer, we've chilled it, we've fermented it and now we are getting it ready to bottle your home brew.

    Okay, everything looks perfectly sanitized, and now that we have done sanitizing I am going to set this down here on the ground.

    Okay, let's open up our valve. The flow of our beer down the line here, okay, and we are going to take ourselves little -- crack a little bit of air in here. And we are going to take a bottle, empty the sanitizer out of it; going to take my bottle and going to push down to my filler. And I'll fill it not quite to the top; right about there. I am going to pull this out, I am going to rest this into the sanitizer, so it doesn't become unsanitized.

    I am going to take the cap which you will notice that my hand isn't in contact with the sanitizer, the cap is with the sanitizer. The capper is magnetic. You take your beer.

    Why don't I bring this up so you could see it better?

    I am going to take the beer; we are going to put the capper on it. And we are going to lock it in place; perfectly capped bottle beer.

    Let's just try one more.

    Here we've got the flow going here, get backed up. Once again two people great thing, father-son, father-daughter, wife. Empty the sanitizer, take my beer.

    This one I'll bring it up so you can see a little better, okay. I am going to have it down so it will fill. I go a little bit higher, nice clear beer. This is a lighter beer.

    Now it may, after it sits here for a while, it carbonates, it may get a little more color to it. Fill it almost up to the top of the neck. Pull this out, rest this back in your sanitizer. Take your cap which has been in there. Put it here, and again, so you can get a nice shot at this. I am going to take my capper, put it on the top, close it up. Perfectly capped bottle of beer.

    Now, we are going to allow this beer to sit for two weeks at room temperature. The warmer it is the best it carbonates, the cooler it is the slower it carbonates, but you want to at least leave it two weeks.

    What we recommend you take is a couple of beers after two weeks, ten days put them in the fridge; chill your beer. Take one beer out, open it up. If it's got the proper carbonation, you'll get a nice little fine mist coming out of it; it'll be just like a store bought beer. Drink it, if it feels carbonated enough, you are done, you are ready.

    So we'll see you in approximately two weeks when we open up these beers and give it a test.