How to Bowl On A Flat Oil Pattern

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Randy Pedersen of Storm Bowling Products discusses how to bowl on a flat oil pattern.

    Randy Pedersen: Hi, everybody, Randy Pedersen here for Storm bowling products. Today we are going to talk about a flat oil pattern.

    Now a flat pattern is oil that's distributed evenly across the entire lane surface and typically this is a very demanding oil pattern that yields generally low to medium scores.

    What's the best way to attack a flat oil pattern? Well, you want to make sure you play to your strengths. If you are a straight player or you throw that big curve or you're somebody that's right in-between, pick a consistent target and a consistent spot to scan with your feet and make sure that you repeat shots.

    Remember, not a lot of margin for error on a flat oil pattern so you have to be accurate. Make sure you have a consistent release and constant ball speed.

    What's the best equipment to use on a flat oil pattern? Well, you want to make sure that you make the equipment to your game. If you are a straight player you don't want to use something that's overly aggressive, because it can possibly create way too much ball motion, something you are not used to seeing. It's going to be way too difficult to manage.

    If you are a big curve player that big hook player, you throw that real strong ball and you throw something that goes too straight, all of a sudden you are not seeing the motion you are used to seeing. Again, you get out of your comfort zone. It's not going to work. This is demanding oil pattern, match the equipment to your gain.

    Use these tips the next time you face a flat oil pattern and I guarantee you more strikes and higher scores.