How to Bowl On An Oily Oil Pattern

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Randy Pedersen of Storm Bowling Products discusses how to bowl on an oily oil pattern.

    Randy Pedersen: Hi, everybody. I am Randy Pedersen for Storm bowling products. Today we are going to talk about oily lane conditions.

    What is an oily lane condition? Well, it's a heavy concentration of oil on the lane and typically a very long pattern in length. Well, what's the best way to attack this oil pattern? The best way is to move the extreme outside part of the lane and decrease ball speed. Remember we want to give the bowling ball a chance to grab that lane surface. The faster you throw it on heavy oil the less chance that ball has to hook.

    What's the best equipment to use on a heavy oil pattern? Well, I want you to pick a bowling ball that has a very aggressive core and a very aggressive coverstock. Maybe even taking a scuff pad or sand paper to the coverstock and roughing it up, giving it some grit, something that will help that bowling ball grab the extreme oil.

    So there you have it. Use these great tips the next time you face a heavy oil pattern.