How To Build A Cold Frame

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Master gardener William Moss demonstrates how to build a cold frame for cool weather gardening.

    William Moss: This early winter in my community garden there are still a few things growing, some mustards, some onions, lettuce, a few other greens. But as the winter progresses and it gets colder all that's going to stop unless we could build a cold frame. The first thing to do is to get a solid base. All you want to do is make sure you connect the frame on all sides that have a nice sturdy box. So now the first layer is complete and leveled comes the only tricky part in this whole thing and that is to make our slanted sides. So we are going to take a one piece of a side and then we are going to cut it into two. Before I put the nice layer on I am going to cut a couple of six inch guides to go inside of the box. So now we have got two posts that are on the inside and that will help guide us for our next layer. Now we can attach this one not only to the interior little guide that we had, but also to the back. So now we've got everything attached as our basic shape, but we still have this still has too much ply on the sides. So I am going to anchor them in with a couple of screws just to make sure it doesn't move. You want to measure for two 40 inch pieces the whole open the top. Now let's attach them. So now we have got a nice liver that will help hold it up. Now this is going to pop up the lid that we have. I am actually going to a joist bracket. I am going to attach it to the side. That way I can pick this up and rest it in here. I want it to come up high enough where when I want it to set it up like I set it all the way up. So we got our first little prop out of the notch up top with the Hurricane Ridge. That works well to have it wide open when I want to work inside. But we need another one just to prop it open when it's occasionally too hot.

    Out next step is to put together these tube plexis into a 6948 sheet. So we had our 6946 box and we needed to put together the Plexiglas in a way so that it fit across the whole thing. You've got to have some way to raise it up and down. I will put hinges on the back to make it even easier to get up and down.

    So I will test the hinges and that's it. Cold frame is complete. All my winter crops will be able to grow happily through year without freezing out even in the coldest temperatures and I can harvest the entire winter season. Get out and grow!