How to Build a Computer

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jay Simenson of Valcom Computer demonstrates how to build a computer.

    Jay Simenson: Hi, I am Jay Simenson, we are here at Valcom Computers. We are here, we are going to make a video on how to build a computer today.

    We are going to use a mid-tower case, this one right here. We have got an Intel motherboard to put in it, along with an Intel processor. We have a Seagate hard drive we will be putting in it; its a SATA Serial ATA drive. We will be putting in a Serial ATA DVD optical drive. Then we will be installing some DDR2 memory into the computer also.

    We will be showing you how to install all those parts and how to wire them up. We will go step-by-step on each process, so you will get a clear idea of how to put the computer together. The last thing we will be doing is we will be installing Windows XP on the computer, so I can show you how to load the drivers and get everything in working order.

    Our main concern with safety today is with static electricity. One way to dissipate static electricity is using a wrist strap. We will be using that today while we are building the computer. Static electricity is very deadly to our computer components, so you make sure when you are handling any of your computer components, you have this attached to your wrist, and that you are grounded to the case with this wrist strap. Just grounding it like that will dissipate any of the static electricity, and we will keep our computer components safe.

    The only tools needed are a Phillips-head screwdriver and your static electricity strap. You can get all of these computer parts online on the Internet at sites such as Newegg or TigerDirect, or you can purchase them from your local computer store, or if you have all the computer parts you want to use, you can sure go ahead and go that route also.

    We have been building computers for over ten years at Valcom, so we can show you how to do it correctly. So let's go ahead and get started.