How To Build A Strong Spare Bowling Game

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Storm Bowling expert Randy Pedersen discusses how to build a strong spare game.

    Randy Pederson: Hi everybody, Randy Pederson here for Storm Bowling Products. Today we are going to be talking about building a strong spare game. Why is that important? Well simple, if you are not throwing strikes, you better be making your spares or your game and your score is going to go self.

    So how do we build a strong spare game? It's really quite simple. Anytime you leave something that's right of the headpin, I want you to stand as far left on the approach as you can because this is going to give you the best angle to shoot that spare. Anytime you leave something left of the headpin, stand as far right on the approach as you can.

    Remember it's all about increasing angles and increasing your margin for air.

    Lest, but certainly not least with a little bit of practice I want you to try to throw the ball as straight as possible at all your spares, especially your single pin spare leaves. Why is this important? Well, it's simple. A straight ball will never read the oil pattern. All you are doing is drawing a straight line from where you are standing to that single pin spare and you are going to make it each and every time.

    So remember adjust your feet left to right on the approach, throw the balls straight at your single pins spares and I guarantee your scores are going to go up.

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