How To Build An Extreme Sand Castle

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Impress passerbys on your next beach trip. Learn how to create an artful sand sculpture from the Floridian pros.

    Victoria Lambdin: With close to 700 miles of beach, its no wonder that sand has become a natural canvas for some fantastic cool creations. These artists are known as sand sculptures.

    Male Speaker: Its a fun really quick fast pace medium. We create great stuff in the matter of hours.

    Victoria Lambdin: How do we get started?

    Male Speaker: Oh! You need buckets and shovels, you need spreaders, you need mason tools, you need drywall tools, you need cake decorating knives, we call this volcano technique.

    What we are going to do is kind of build a little bit of a leveling around. Now when we take water out of our buckets, we pour it in, we call these castling buckets, and what you can do is when youre making like say the top of a castle or you are making the head of a pelican or something like that, this will allow you to kind of with that same principle you can kind of pack it up and using the retention of the bucket it will --Victoria Lambdin: Keep the base.

    Male Speaker: -- basically -- yeah, shoot straight up. The secret is getting it wet and tapping it up.

    Victoria Lambdin: You are just using sand and water, no cement, no glue, no paste, nothing else to keep it together.

    Male Speaker: No sugar water, no hairspray.

    Victoria Lambdin: No.

    Male Speaker: What else?

    Victoria Lambdin: Sand and water.

    Male Speaker: Sand and water. We are going to flip the bucket. We will have a nice solid block.

    Victoria Lambdin: Voila!

    Male Speaker: Lets start making our castle. So say if you want to put a tower up on top, take a little bit of sand, go into the water, you see the bubble a little bit and it can kind of come up and you are making like a pan cake. You call this hand-stacking. When you are doing a sand sculpture, once you get it all packed up, you start at the top, you work the way to the bottom. When you are cutting you dont really jab it in, you are just kind of dragging it, and then a lot of it is called, its like a T-cut, that way, yeah. Two cuts can make that one cut. Lets do a big stairwell or something, you are a stair master.

    Victoria Lambdin: Nice!

    Male Speaker: You see it?

    Victoria Lambdin: Look at that.

    Male Speaker: There you go!

    Victoria Lambdin: Da-da!

    Male Speaker: It doesnt bother me that its temporary, I actually like the fact that you put the work in and its only there for a little while, so you have to enjoy it, it doesnt break my heart to break it, because I know I can make another one.

    People really seem to enjoy watching it; and if youre enjoy doing it, what more could you ask for.

    Victoria Lambdin: The next time you visit a Florida beach check out sand-sculpting classes, so you can build your own. For Visit Florida I am Victoria Lambdin.