How To Build An Indoor Container Garden

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Master gardener William Moss demonstrates how to create an indoor garden container.

    William Moss: Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean we have to stop gardening. Houseplants brighten our rooms and freshen our air in all seasons, but they are especially appreciated in winter time. Let's talk winter houseplants.

    We've got in front of us one of the best plants for both winter blooms and also for fresh air. This is called an Anthurium or Flamingo flower. We are going to pot this guy up right now.

    The first thing you do add a little bit of soil to the bottom of the pot, about 3 or 4 inches. Now you loosen the plant in this pot, taking out the old pot, drop it in the new. We are going to add soil all around and I am going to be sure to stop two inches below the rim of the new pot.

    Now it's time to water. Now you don't want to give it too much. The number one killer of house plant is over watering. So about once a week you are going to check to make sure and here is how you do.

    You want to put your finger down to the first knuckle and then pull it up. If it's moist in anyway, then you do not water. Of course if it's dry, then go ahead and give it a good drink.

    But not all plants like to be watered overhead like the Flamingo flower. Some plants like the African Violet in particular would much prefer to be watered from the bottom. So what you do is you fill the bucket up with about maybe 5-6 inches of water and you drop the whole pot down in there, make sure that you have drainage holes in the bottom so the water can be absorbed up into the soil.

    Leave it in there for about 30 minutes, maybe an hour then take it out and let it drain away. Once you are done with that, the plant should be good for another week but you can always use the finger test to check to make sure that it still needs water the next week.

    With the right house plants, you can enjoy flowers and fresh air all winter. Get out and grow.