How to Buy a Diamond Necklace

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Diamond expert Ronnie Mervis discusses what to look for when buying a diamond tennis necklace.

    Ronnie Mervis: Hi! I'm Ronnie Mervis and we're going to talk about diamond tennis necklaces. Now traditionally, a diamond necklace with diamonds all the way around is known as a diamond tennis necklace and here we have one. Essentially, it is a necklace with diamonds going all the way around it. Each one is joined to the next with a simple linkage system.

    For a diamond necklace, the important thing is that you have a row of light and exciting shimmering range of light just like with a tennis bracelet. That comes from the way the diamonds are cut. You want fine quality diamonds, cut perfectly. You need high color, big size helps a lot. The internal purity of each little diamond is not that important. It's exactly the same as with the diamond tennis bracelets.

    Diamond necklaces come in different styles. You can have a Riviera like the one I have just spoken about where each diamond is the same as every other diamond. You also get the graduated necklace where you have the bigger ones at the bottom where they're most visible and smaller diamonds tapering up around the neck.

    In terms of saving of money, you can do it either way. You can have diamonds going all the way around the neck. It's generally 16 or 18 or 20 inches of diamonds or you could be a little bit circumspect in the way the money is spent, and decide you want diamonds at the bottom only because it really isn't a whole lot of point and having diamonds going around the side and the back of the neck, especially the back of neck where it's hidden by hair. So you're spending money that could easily be saved.

    Now, I would like you to know that the diamonds tennis necklace or the Riviera necklace generally is an article with a lot of value. And that's because you have 20 inches approximately of necklace of diamonds all the way around. Many people don't want to spend that kind of money and they really don't need to. There are many, many other necklaces, diamond necklaces or diamond pendants which have less diamonds, equally stunning and which don't cost that sort of money.

    The old favorite is the diamond solitaire which is one diamond in a very electing mounting suspended from a delicate chain which rests just about the wrist line maybe a choker in the small of the throat which does a beautiful job and you are paying for only diamond as opposed to maybe 50 or 60 diamonds. So of course, you don't need to spend all of that money. That single solitaire diamond can be in any size, shape, color, clarity, price point you want. It could range from a third carat to a half to a full carat, two carats, three carets and you can make quite a statement with just a single diamond. It doesn't have to be a full row.

    One also gets diamond necklaces with any other assortment of stones. It could be a little drop with two diamonds or three diamonds. You have the journey necklace which is a squiggle of diamonds generally three or four. Normally they graduate in size from smaller to longer. So there is an endless variety of diamonds tennis necklaces or pendants and the range is wide. Like I said before with the diamond stud earrings and like I had said also with the diamonds tennis bracelets, the selection is so broad but you don't need to make a decision beforehand of exactly what you want. Your best choice is to come in open minded, say show me, just show me. Show me the possibilities. Let me see the selection, let me see the price points, and I will guarantee you that you'll find just about anything you want in any price point you want and it's an easy item to give. Have fun. Enjoy it. Enjoy choosing it. Enjoy giving it and surely enjoy wearing it and that's what it's all about. Enjoy the diamond necklace. Thank you.