How to Buy a Man’s Wedding Band

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Ronnie Mervis from Mervis Diamond Importers discusses how to buy a man’s wedding band.

    Ronnie Mervis: From Mervis Diamond Importers, this is Ronnie Mervis and we're going to talk about something nice. We're going to talk about the wedding rings. The engagement ring is something we've already spoken about. Now we're going to talk about, wedding rings and guess what guys? This is your turn to get some blink for yourself.

    Days gone by, the wedding ring for a man was a very simple narrow little band of gold. Now the choices are endless and guys really dress it up with the wedding ring. To simply put, the wedding is still a gold band or a platinum band except it's got much wider and much more substantial than it use to be.

    These days guys are wearing wide ones and 4mm, 5mm, 6mm you even see them, go as wide as 7mm and they can be cleaned or they can be polished or they can be brushed, they can have diamonds or no diamond, evenly engraved, not engraved, intricate designs. There are many, many, many styles and we see that the guys are really dressing up and going to top.

    Now, of course, in this instance and the ladies are going to shoot me for saying so, but in this instance it's a man's world and the man is going to wear it. So, even though there are two people making the decision and we've seen from experience, that the girls always like the guys to dress up a little and the guys prefer to go with the plane Jane route.

    Let's just decide who's going to wear it and let the wearer make the ultimate choice. So, guys if you would like to get plain and be traditional that's up to you. There's a wide range within traditional and simple and they are not expensive. But if you really want to dress up and why not, you wear nice suits, you drive a nice car, you have got a great golf clubs, you wear a terrific watch.

    Here's your chance to really put on a diamond band. It's says something special, about you and your relationship.

    These days more and more men are spotting little diamonds in the wedding band. It's not a big one like in the engagement ring. It's generally a series of smaller ones 5 or 7 diamonds arranged on the middle of the band or spaced out across, the band or spaced between bars on the band and I would like to see, you take the chance, take a plan and do something good.

    Because the rings are bit bigger and heavier, we've been very clever and we have come up with what we call the comfort fit on the inside of the ring. So, it's not like wearing a metal packages, it's cut of into little segments it actually is very smooth, it slides on and it slides off, very easily. It won't get in your way. And whereas, girls have been wearing rings since, they were kids, giving rings out of lucky packets and wearing them through high-school and college. Most men have never worn a ring until, the day they get married and it's really quite an uncomfortable feeling, putting it on the for the first time.

    So we want to make sure, that the ring is comfortable, that it fits on their finger easily, it slides on and off easily and it doesn't get in the way when you play golf or do anything like that, and bear in mind your choice of ring, also bear in mind your lifestyle, what you do for a living. How much you use your hands at work or your sporting activities etc, and bring that all into being. If you work with your hands a lot, I would suggest you don't get any diamonds in the ring, because they are brittle, they could a heavy blow, a little diamond could fall out. Go with the plain one. If they set your style of work, why not, go for it.

    The engraved rings are very special. We have a combination of different color metal. We can mix white gold or pink gold with yellow gold with rose gold. So, please come and see them all and like everything else, I said come along with no preconceived notions, because if you do you're going to limit yourself and if you don't, the sky is the limit. Anything you want.

    The question that I'm often asked is, should the ring match her wedding ring? And I have got a very clear answer. No, you're wedding rings do not have to be the same. Each persons ring should match his or her personality, match the style of life that you enjoy and do it together, make the choice together, but get the ring that works for you.

    Thanks guys have fun. We're going to talk more about her ring. She is very important, this wedding is more about, her than it's about you.