How to Buy an Engagement Ring

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Ronnie Mervis from Mervis Diamond Importers discusses how to buy an engagement ring.

    Ronnie Mervis: Hello! This is Ronnie Mervis of Mervis Diamond Importers, and we are going to talk about how to select an engagement ring. Presenting a diamond to the lady of your dreams is a very exciting thing to do. When in the old days the Egyptians thought that there was a vein which ran from the left finger to the heart. It was a vein of love, and that is from where the idea comes that you need to put an engagement ring on the finger. Since then the finger has moved, it's become the fourth finger of the left hand. But nevertheless, the engagement ring is the ultimate symbol of love and oneness and eternity. Now, I don't think that anybody needs to have a preconceived notion of what they wanted to spend. Get an idea of what you wanted to see for the money and look at something in that range. For the regular guy who is going to give a diamond to his girl, it's a question more of giving, what you want. De Beers who is the big name in the diamond industry has come out with its circled convention about a two months salary is the right amount to spend, but we don't go with it either. Because if your two months salary is tied up in other things, you shouldn't spend money which you are going to put in your poor house. On the other hand if one takes into account ones style or life, two months worth of income may not be enough to buy the diamond which faces up well with todays conspicuous consumption society. So I think, just look around and see what your friends and their fiances, wives, girlfriends are wearing. Get an idea what is going on around town, and try and go for that too. After you have seen a few diamonds and you like them and the place that you are going to buy it from gives you a range of prices. You can look at them and knock out the top price, knock out the lowest price. Look at one something in the middle and say, is that affordable to me? And if the answer is yes, go with it. Amazing thing about women fingers is at they are all pretty much the same size. Our standard size is six-and-a-half and we find that with most women irrespective of whether they are tall or short or fat or thin, most fingers are about six-and-a-half or within a very narrow range from six-and-a-half. Standard size of a ring which is six-and-a-half can easily be reduced to a five or increased to an eight. Now, if you can get her finger size before you come in, great. Maybe you can steal her favorite ring for a day or so, sneak it off to your favorite jeweler, get it sized, and then you have got it. But if we don't have the finger size, it doesn't matter, because we are just going to guess the six-and-a-half would be approximately right; and if it s not, we can do the fine adjustment after you have given it to her. We see so often when guys get to the point of buying the diamond, they are in a slight state of panic, and they always bring along her best friend, whatever advice they want to give you, take, because there is no right answer, there is no wrong answer. And if the best friend tells you, this is what I think she likes. She is right. But if it's all up to you, go simple. And try not to compete with the center by having too much stuff around on the sides. Well, the center stone is the most important part of it. Shape is an important issue and it's something that we should take into account in determining what matches the center. If typically it is going to be what is known today as a Three-Stone Ring, you need to match the shape of the side stones to the center. But you don't have to do that all the time because not every ring is a so called Three-Stone Ring.

    These days fashion calls for a fairly substantial center stone. Most of the metal is in platinum. Classic is the plain solitaire, where you get a diamond, which is the major focus, it catches all the attention and it's mounted very simply in a beautiful platinum mounting. Most people want the biggest diamond they can get for the money, and so I would say, go for one that fits a big look, but don't go for size at the expense of quality. You want a high color, you want a good clarity and most important of all of those, you want one that's cut perfectly so that you get the maximum brilliance out of it. So just be flexible, see a whole bunch of them and then find the one that's just right. If she doesn't like it, I am sure they will take it back and allow you to again. In fact, a very good question to ask in the purchasing process is, what happens if she doesn't like it? What is your policy? Will you take it back? Will it be a charge? How much? If she would like to pick something else, what will you say about it? And get that squared away in the beginning. Another thing I would like to tell you is that as long as I have been in the diamond engagement business, we find that no matter what the guy thinks, no matter how nervous he is about what she likes or doesn't like, will accept or won't accept. In fact when he gives her the diamond ring, the emotion rises so high that he could buy her the worst diamond in the world and it would be perfect. Very few women ever tickle a guy and say, you are a complete cluts, what did he get? Get out of here. All of a sudden it becomes just right, and did you do this all by yourself, just for me? That's fantastic. I love you and it's perfect. And gentlemen, one last word of advice, this is a gift from you to her. So make it a pleasant experience, that the joy of purchasing equal to joy of giving equal to joy of receiving, don't make it too big of project where you will ruin all the fun. I wish you all the best in your life together.