How To Buy The Best Electronic Gifts During The Holidays

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video, Steve Kidera from the Consumer Electronics Association, discusses the top tips for buying electronics during the holidays, including electronic gifts.

    Steve Kidera: While tablets, computers, TVs, eReaders, video games are hot this year, there's a lot of other electronics that people on your list are going to be asking for this holiday season. MP3 players, we're talking about the iPod here, are just as hot as ever. For years, people have been wanting MP3 players and iPods under the tree, this year will be no exception. For those on your list that already have an MP3 player, may want to think about new headphones. You can get HD quality sound in new headphones for under $100. A lot of options with digital cameras; there is the digital SLRs where you can take professional looking shots. Then there's your smaller cameras that fit easily in your pocket. You can get these point-and-click cameras for under $100. Smartphones are also going to be popular this holiday season, especially for teens. Smartphones, cell phones that enable you to take pictures, connect to the web, get email. These devices popularity is soaring and really a must-have for anybody. There's really something for everybody in electronics this holiday season and no matter what you get them this year, if it's electronics, they're bound to be happy.