How To Buy The Best eReader During The Holidays

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video, Steve Kidera from the Consumer Electronics Association, discusses the top tips for buying electronics during the holidays, including eReaders.

    Steve Kidera: Books have always been a staple of the holiday season, but now reading is digital with eReaders and eBooks. When buying an eReader, you want to take into consideration the display. Some are color displays, some are not; some involve E Ink. This enables you to view the pages of the eBook outside without a reflection or a glare. Some eReaders have Wi-Fi, some don't. With Wi-Fi you can download a book at the drop of a hat virtually from anywhere. Some have 3G. Same thing, you can download a book no matter where you are at lightening speed.

    Next is prices. They continue to drop. You can now get Kindles, great eBooks for under $80 which is simply amazing and if that special person on your list already has an eReader, you know what makes for a great gift, are gift cards to stores like Barnes & Noble and Amazon where they can download the books that they want without having to buy them a brand new device.

    So if you have an avid reader in your life, chances are an eReader will make for that perfect gift.